Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Please take a minute to RSVP

We've been working with Lagasse's Stadium team and am excited to report things are progressing very well. Here are some things to know...

Lagasse's Stadium is located directly below Lavo, last year's venue. So if you attended last year, simply go down one level. We are working to get a map posted here that will direct you from the Sands Expo to Lagasse's.

Once you get downstairs, there is a large Main Entrance with a water fountain that we will use as a greeting station. Here you will get a name tag and purchase raffle tickets. (While many think name tags are nerdy, they will get you special drink and food specials.) The first 250 people will get a tire patch kit with the ADA Tour de Cure 20th anniversary logo.

Once inside, head to the The Veranda, this is where we will start the festivities - if you missed the raffle tickets at the door, you can purchase them here too. Unlike last year, we will have a PA system, so it will be much easier to hear the raffle being called.

We also get the use of two luxury boxes! Combined, they hold about 50 people, so the current plan is to use these to display raffle items.

The raffle will start at about 6:30p and go till the prizes run out. Half way through, we will have a special, 10 minute preview of Cyclefilm's "Eyes Wide Open - The Making of Cyclepassion 2011". This will be shown on all the TVs in the Veranda and the luxury boxes. And yes, there will be Cyclepassion Calendars at the raffle!

Drink and Food Specials will be available throughout the Stadium to those wearing the Tweetup name tags (see why they're important?!) This means you can purchase drinks and appetizers (menu will be posted soon) at any of the bars inside the Stadium.

Specials will include $3.00 domestic beers, $15.00 Domestic Beer Buckets, $20 cocktail pitchers and a happy hour menu . Now, because we expect several hundred people, we want to make it as easy as possible on the wait staff. So please, we encourage you to pay with CASH. It will make it easy for everyone.

OK, so what do we have for the raffle so far?? We're still collecting and still requesting swag, so if you have any to donate, contact us! Here is a partial list...

That's it for now. We will continue to update the blog as more information and swag comes in. Again, please take a moment to RSVP, it will be really helpful to the folks at Lagasse's Stadium.

Thank you!

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