Monday, September 20, 2010


In less than 18 hours, Interbike participants will converge on Lagasse's Stadium for the 2nd Annual Bike Tweetup and Charity Raffle!

Our goal is to double last years attendance and raise $5,000 for both MS Bike and ADA Tour de Cure. We've collected (and continue to collect) some pretty cool swag that can make this goal possible. With your help, we can make it happen!

The venue is amazing - Lagasse's Stadium is the perfect location for the event. A lot more room to accommodate everyone and an overall fun place. The staff has been great to work with and very accommodating and generous. Again, we thank them for their support.

Today, we spent the morning doing a walk through of the venue to ensure an efficient and easy way of checking in, purchasing raffle tickets and finding your way to the designated areas. So here is what you need to know...

Lagasse's Stadium is just below Lavo, last years tweetup venue. To find it from the Sands Convention Center, simply follow the signs to The Palazzo. Find your way to the registration desk and then look to the far left. You'll see Lavo, and in front of it, the escalators will take you Lagasses Stadium.

We will have two tables set up at the entrance - one with name tags and a second to purchase raffle tickets. Once you walk through the doors, hang a left and follow the signs to the patio. There will be another table set up just before you enter the patio where you can purchase more raffle tickets (in case you missed the one at the entrance). We will be accepting cash only and checks for purchases over $40.
Raffle ticket prices are:
  • 1 for $3.00
  • 10 for $25.00
  • 20 for $40.00

We will have all the swag displayed in Luxury Box 1 where you'll be able to walk through and check it all out. There is so much, you're going to be blown away. We also have the use of Luxury Box 2, which has a pool table and two big screen TVs. Here, we will have a second swag table set up for items that will be auctioned off! These items include autographed swag and big ticket items.

David Bernstein of The Fredcast is the master of ceremonies - this year, he will be equipped with a wireless mic, so you will be able to hear the raffle tickets being called. Again, you must be present to win as we do not have holding or shipping capabilities. So, should you decide to leave early, give your tickets to someone that can collect the swag for you.

This year, we also want to showcase women's cycling. To that end, we will be showing two film clips - "Eyes Wide Open" a behind the scenes look of the Cyclepassion calendar, by Markus Neuert of Cyclefilm. (MTB Worlds bronze medalist Willow Koerber will be on hand to sign calendars.) And, "The Heat is On" in support of Peanut Butter & Co TWENTY12 Professional Cycling Team, by BrakeThrough Media.

Again, Lagasses has arranged for special happy hour prices of domestic beers, cocktails and munchies. To make serving you faster, we encourage you to pay with cash.

That's about it. If you have any questions, tweet us.

A new list of swag will be posted tomorrow!

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